English here ! Information sheet.



La Logitude is a Charity Organisation which aim it is to put in touch students, young workers or young job seekers who are looking for accommodation with an elderly person looking for some company, some help with daily tasks or extra income.


The room is always located in the apartment or home of the senior.

This intergenerational home sharing is based on human solidarity and on the willingness of friendly and altruistic people.


Our Organisation is not a real estate agency and is not about promoting a “standard” furnished rental accommodation. Home sharing with a senior gives you the opportunity to live in a comfortable and cheaper place but it also requires some commitment on your behalf. You are indeed welcome in the senior home as a guest and should always bear that in mind so that the home sharing is a positive and nice experience.


To apply, you need to fulfill the following criteria’s : 

- Age between 18 up to 30 years old

- You have to be a student, young worker or job seeker

- Accommodation should be situated in the Community of Municipalities of Avignon the or within half an hour away from Avignon by car.


Your registration with La Logitude will be accepted as soon as your application is complete.

As soon as La Logitude finds an ederly home matching your requirements and profile, an appointment is arranged with us to finalize your application.

You will then get the chance to meet your future host and visit your accommodation. If you reach an agreement with the senior, an Occupancy Agreement and the Organisation chart will have to be signed.


To join La longitude and allow us to find your ideal host, you need to : 

- Fill in your application form and provide us with an ID photo, copy of your identity card or passport (copy of residence permit for foreigners), civil liability (if you have your own car, it is usually covered by your car insurance)

- For job seekers, copy of your job seeker’s card/ proof

- For young workers, copy of the employment contract

- Proof of clean criminal record


Administrative fees of 25 € will have to be paid to our Organisation for the handling of the application and an annual fee of 250 € will be due once a room has been assigned to you. 


In case of conflict or trouble with you host, La Logitude will try to mediate a solution or ultimately, to find another room in case of unsuccessful mediation.


WARNING : La Logitude is no real estate agency. You don’t pay a service fee but rather a membership fee for our Organisation (which involves complying with our above-mentioned Chart).The Charity is no substitute for the senior or tenant responsibility and is not responsible for the compliance of the occupancy agreement. As a facilitator, La Logitude is not liable for any disagreement arising  between both parties nor for prejudice / damage caused by one of the parties to the other during the home sharing.


Likewise, applying for La Logitude does not entitle you to getting a room in a senior home but gives you the opportunity to maybe find a room that matches your needs.

Your application should be complete to be processed.

We hope that this information sheet provides you with clear and detailed information about our activity. We are looking forward to having you as a new member and we are available for any further information.


Kind regards, La Logitude